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Return Policy


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No Refunds are Guaranteed.

If your package was damaged by the Postal Service, or somehow delayed, we will try our best to come to a mutual resolution, by doing our best to remedy the situation. 

Most orders are prepared on an individual basis, and for that reason we do NOT offer cancellations or refunds on any order


  • Once your order is completed, you will receive an email from the website indicating that your order is now ready and is shipped, you will receive a email with a tracking number.

  • Our processing and completion time for orders is 6-7 BUSINESS days.


How should I store my herbs and spices?
A cool, dry, dark place is the best way to store herbs, spices and teas. A well-sealed glass jar in your kitchen cabinet, but plastic will work short term. Refrigeration is acceptable in extreme temperatures.
If an item listed or not listed does not have powder as an option, please inquire to have herb made and be provided a quote.

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